Hallowhat To Do: 5 ideas to make Halloween fun in the time of Coronavirus

2020 has already been a year for the books but instead of complaining about how it’s ruining my holidays I’m going to throw out perhaps the unpopular opinion here and say it’s made me more creative.

I’m certainly trying harder to make each holiday special (fingers crossed my husband feels the same and okays Christmas in November 🤞🏻).

And truth be told, Halloween 2019 was way worse. I foolishly scheduled a bone graft surgery for 3 pm that day, grossly underestimating the power of IV sedation. I assumed we’d roll up just before 7, stuff some gauze in my cheek, and take the kids to a few houses.

Having chunks of bone and gum rearranged was certainly the most gruesome way I’ve ever spent a Halloween

Instead I somehow got into the passenger seat, I vaguely recall sending a selfie of myself to my mom, then fell promptly asleep until about 2 am.

So yeah, Halloween 2020 will absolutely be better even with all of the restrictions.

Since Trick or Treating isn’t necessarily the best option this year, here’s what we’re doing, as well as a few ideas I’ve seen that seem like awesome alternatives.

1. Have a socially distanced pumpkin carving party with your circle! We’re meeting up with my daughter’s school friends in the park to spread out and carve/decorate pumpkins while the kids get to show off their costumes. I think we’ll put together some treat bags too.

One year I painstakingly carved Marshall into our pumpkin, only to have raccoons viciously attack it overnight. Obviously they were raccoons from Foggy Bottom.

2. Have a spooky movie night (with Halloween charcuterie boards – I’ve seen tons of Instagram and Pinterest). I thought about borrowing a projector and putting a movie up on our garage for the neighbourhood kids to watch from a distance. I may save this one for the summer when the weather is nicer.

It’s not a fancy Pinterest-worthy Halloween charcuterie board but we DO roast up salty and savoury pumpkin seeds and my kids DEVOUR them.

3. Smash a Halloween piñata. This is a great way to let your kids still get the treats without going door to door. Bonus points if you hand craft one to look like the coronavirus (@helloluvs did).

4. Organize a Halloween treat hunt. You can do clues leading up to a “boo basket” or hide candies all over the house.

5. Trunk or Treat – I’ve seen this trend floating around. Basically you decorate your car to look spooky and fill the trunk of your car with candies and let the trick or treaters pick what they want without coming to your house. It looks cool but I’m always wary of luring kids to your car with the promise of candy … 🤷🏼‍♀️

We won’t decorate the car but we’ve always done our front porch up for the occasion

Bonus idea: organize a costume parade on your street. Have the kids walk down the sidewalk/road to show off their costumes.

Any other fun ideas I missed? Let me know what you’re doing for Halloween 2020.

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