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Friends! If you’re sick of people trying to sell you stuff, apologies in advance.

The Tuesday Home Bookstore

But these are books you likely already buy, so… I’m hoping if you’re going to buy them anyway that you’ll help me grow my side business!

We are HUGE book readers and Usborne books have been a hit with my kids since they were infants. From the “That’s Not My…” series to sticker & activity books, they have something for all ages.

These books have withstood hundreds of reads and touches in the past 6 years.

I can’t even count how many times we’ve read our “That’s Not My…” books. They have a fun sensory component that my kids loved and the easy, repetitive writing style meant they were some of the first books my daughter learned to read.

The sticker & activity books are big hits in our home now

The sticker and activity books are perfect for keeping kids entertained while traveling. They’ve come with us on many train and car rides (and kept me from having to sing on public transit 👌🏻).

Full disclosure, as a consultant I make a 25% commission on sales. I chose to work with this company because the books are ones we already buy regularly for ourselves and as gifts. I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t use and love myself.

So, if you’re looking for books – baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, home schooling, etc – consider helping me grow my little side business and order them through my site!

To get your Usborne books ->

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