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Earth Day Challenge with Ice River Green Bottle Co

April 22 is Earth Day but how we commemorate the occasion shouldn’t be a once a year thing. This year I’ve teamed up with Ice River Green Bottle Co to challenge you to make some sustainable changes to how you live. When people said green plastics were unusable, Ice River Green Bottle Co said “challenge… Continue reading Earth Day Challenge with Ice River Green Bottle Co

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Neatly: a sustainable way to clean

A few months ago, I got to test out Neatly, an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner. It comes as a concentrated jelly that you drop into warm water and - voila! - you’ve got a cleaner that will work on wood, ceramic, appliances, marble, granite, glass, quartz, plastic, and leather. It comes in a beautiful recyclable box… Continue reading Neatly: a sustainable way to clean

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Valentine’s Escape Room

There’s nowhere to go this Valentine’s Day so I essentially devised a way to lock the kids in a room while their dad and I snuggle on the couch for a hot minute. jk, they’ll be asking for help with this adventure. But a mom can dream. Since there’s no date night to be had,… Continue reading Valentine’s Escape Room

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Sustainable Kitchen: vermicomposting

Do you compost? We have a bin for green waste picked up by our city, but we also compost in our basement. Using layered buckets and mail ordered worms, my husband built us a vermicomposter. Why is composting important? Doesn’t food waste just decompose wherever it ends up? NO! Food waste that ends up in… Continue reading Sustainable Kitchen: vermicomposting