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Garden Dreams

I have a feeling it might just be because Ontario is stuck in an ineffective cycle of lock downs – restrictions – grey zones – red zones – who knows …

We left the city for the ‘burbs 5 years ago because we couldn’t afford housing prices in the city. Having always lived in the city, I thought the adjustment might have been harder, but I’ve loved the slower pace and quieter nature of where we are.

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about moving even farther outside of the city. I want green space and trees. I want spy deer wandering at sunrise, I want to keep chickens, I want to grow rows and rows of vegetables.

So while not financially (or otherwise) feasible right now (we don’t want to uproot the kids and move away from our families because they are integral to our lives, so and I’m not ready to look for another job), I’ll satisfy myself with planning our backyard garden.

How fortunate we are to have this space. Our backyard oasis may be small but it’s our space.

Do you garden? What do you grow?

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