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Earth Day Challenge with Ice River Green Bottle Co

April 22 is Earth Day but how we commemorate the occasion shouldn’t be a once a year thing.

This year I’ve teamed up with Ice River Green Bottle Co to challenge you to make some sustainable changes to how you live.

When people said green plastics were unusable, Ice River Green Bottle Co said “challenge accepted”.

They developed a green water bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. Their bottles are collected and returned to be once again recycled into bottles. Their closed loop system keeps 5 million + pounds of plastic out of landfills each year.

If Ice River Green Bottle Co accepted the challenge to become more sustainable, so can we!

Challenge 1: Reduce Your Food Waste

Food makes up an incredible amount of waste but there are ways we can cut down on how much gets tossed out.

– meal plan and buy only what you’ll need

– use up your leftovers. Incorporate them into the next day’s lunch or dinner, or make banana bread or apple sauce.

– compost or make use of green waste so that organic material can be broken down properly.

Challenge 2: Reduce How Much You Throw Out

– look for items with less packaging. Buy food in bulk where you can.

– shop second hand. Most items come free of packaging. Donate your used items back, rather than throwing them out.

– look up what your area recycles. Make sure you’re recycling or composting where you can.

Challenge 3: Clean Up Your Neighbourhood

– grab some gloves and a bag and pick up garbage you find along your street or local park

– see if you can salvage recyclable materials and put them in the proper bins for pick up

– if you’re feeling extra motivated, organize a neighbourhood clean up!

Which challenge will you try? Are there other challenges you’d propose? I’d love to hear them!

Visit the Ice River Green Bottle Co website to learn more about how they’re making sustainability possible.

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