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Lime Cheesecake, but make it vegan

In an effort to live more sustainably I first reduced my meat intake, then cut it out all together in March 2019. I’ve been slowly cutting back on other animal-based foods and products I consume since then. Dairy has been a tough one, as it’s in SO many things. One of the best ways around… Continue reading Lime Cheesecake, but make it vegan

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Sourdough: a quarantine staple

Quarantine and self-isolating were great for flattening the curve but generally speaking not great for much else (anxiety levels - hiiiii 👋🏻). Except sourdough. And maybe Tiger King. But sourdough had its moment! This delicious but time consuming baked good came back in a big way. With yeast disappearing from grocery store shelves and no… Continue reading Sourdough: a quarantine staple

Maker Monday

Maker Mondays: My Favourite Bread Recipe

Even though I've been out of school for 5 years, labour day still brings the back to school feels. I have an urge to buy pens and notebooks and new clothing. Next year labour day will take on a whole new dimension, when my daughter will start Junior Kindergarden, and my husband and I will… Continue reading Maker Mondays: My Favourite Bread Recipe