Minimalism: Can it be done?



Minimalism is seemingly the movement du jour. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.

The rock: I love the look and idea of minimalism. Less clutter (which we have so much of), and a better appreciation of the things you have.

The hard place: I have irrational attachments to items and every time I go to cull our collections I find myself uttering “we might use that!” over and over and over. I also like shopping which only complicates things. The great paradox of maternity leave is having less income but more time to shop. Is that a paradox? Maybe it’s just an unfortunate reality.

Since I’m home a lot more these days, surrounded by piles of toys and laundry, sticky spots of milk spit up on the floors, I’ve been inspired to clean up our home a bit. The spit up can’t be helped beyond scrubbing the floors (which I do daily), but the rest can.

Today is the summer solstice so as a farewell to spring, I’m embarking on a serious spring cleaning challenge. I understand that, with a busy toddler and a quickly growing baby, I need to surrender to the chaos a bit. There will be toys and clothes and accoutrement of childhood that will make the house feel like a home. I don’t want to change that cozy, lived-in home feeling. Plus we have a playroom downstairs that I want to get around to finishing up. My objective here is to lessen our clutter and help us appreciate the things we have more by not diluting them with things we don’t really need.

First up: successfully donating the box of toys I have by the front door before my daughter removes any more of them.

Tips for success always welcome – leave ’em in the comments!



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