This too shall pass (and Jack turns 3 months old!)

“This too shall pass” might be the mantra of parenthood.

Last week was not a great one so no post was written or posted.

In the early hours of Monday morning I woke up unbelievably cold. I could not get warm and spent an hour shivering uncontrollably under the covers. Eventually I made my way to the bathroom to check my temperature and sure enough it was sky high. Some tylenol helped to break it but then I was so hot I couldn’t get comfortable. When I finally rolled out of bed (not by choice, I would have stayed there all day) I realized the fever was related to mastitis. Thankfully it resolved without antibiotics after a few days but my goodness was it no fun. Add that on top of the cold I was already battling, which turned into a sinus infection once the mastitis cleared. Plus a toddler who took no naps all week and a baby who cat naps but never for longer than 30 mins unless being held.

When it rains it pours.

But it passed. As it always does.


This week: our little fella turned 3 months old. Crazy how quickly 90 (ish) days can pass by (helps when you’re so tired days blur into each other). His smiles are wonderful and he giggles at funny noises. He’s easily over 13 lbs now and I’m in love with his rolls. He’s getting much stronger and better at tummy time (as am I… in terms of actually making him do it. Oops). He likes to sit up and look around and is quickly catching on that his hands are within his control. He bats at hanging toys now which allows me some extra time to spend with Evelyn, who, by the way, had two naps this week! Yesterday both she and Jack slept at the same time. It’s amazing how the day feels easier when I have an hour and a bit to just sit quietly.

Here’s hoping this month brings longer stretches of sleep overnight, as I find the lack of consecutive sleep is starting to wear me down. I sometimes struggle to plan fun activities to keep Ev busy as I’m lacking the energy to really get out and do a whole lot but I always find I’m more energized once we get out. So hopefully this month brings more outings also!

Waking up every 2 hours sucks but …this too shall pass.


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