Dear Daughter · Parenting

We always need more snuggles

I hope this doesn’t count as me snooping in her diary.

I was tidying the house and came across a few notebooks that the kids use for pictures and stories and notes, and came across this one from my daughter.

My son has always been a snuggle bug and is usually glued to my side. One night I attempted to stay for bedtime with my daughter and he threw a bit of a tantrum. I remarked that I don’t get as much time with his sister because he and I spend so much time together and that stuck with her. She’s pulled the “I don’t get as much time with you” line on a number of occasions.

Even when she pulls it after a full day together, it still hits me right in the mom-guilt feels.

The note says “I don’t have very many snuggles with you mommy so I was thinking we [need] some more together. I love you mommy xoxoxoxxxoooooxxxxooooooo”

Parenting is such a delicate balance of making sure you give your kids individual attention and everything they need, while still making sure you give yourself what you need.

My sweet girl, I know there will be times when you don’t feel my time is being given equally, and times when I’ll be quicker to snap because I just want a minute to myself. But I promise I will always try to drop everything and be there when you need me. There is nothing more important to me than you and your brother.

I hope you still want snuggles when we’re both old and grey.

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