Coding Trains with Robobloq

Robobloq, a leading STEAM robotics company dedicated to creating smart and educational robotic toys for children worldwide, was kind enough to send us their Coding Express.

The smart robotic train can be played both on the track and off the track. You can set it to roam freely around the track, respond to whistle blasts, or read the coded stickers. The “Danger” sticker where the train stops, roars, then speeds up was by far the kids’ favourite. I like the “Music” sticker.

The tracks are compatible with general wooden tracks from BRIO, IKEA, and that well known tank engine and his friends. That means we can build longer and more elaborate tracks!

The tracks are compatible with sets from IKEA, BRIO, and Thomas & Friends sets!

It is an open-ended toy set that can improve creativity and logical thinking skills, and also introduces them (and me) to primary coding knowledge.

The kids were so excited to set up the tracks and create different set ups for the train with the stickers. And with four sheets of stickers, we’ll be able to come up with hundreds of combinations.

The only one in our house who wasn’t a fan was our dog!

Dog aside, we love this smart train! You can visit the website https://www.robobloq.com/ for more and to snag one for yourself.

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