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DIY Bath Bomb Bubble Potion

Ignore the dirty grout (#reallife)

My kids love bath bombs. LOVE them. Anytime I’m gifted one it inevitably has dibs called on it by one kid or the other and I watch it fizzle away in my children’s bath. But truthfully I don’t mind (I’d hide them better if I wanted them for myself).

For Christmas they got a cool type of bath bomb that came in a beaker. They added water and the contents began to foam up and bubble over the rim. It was very cool.

Inspired by a craft volcano we had made earlier that day, we decided to reuse the plastic beaker and make our own bath bomb bubble potion. And it worked out incredibly well. So just in time for the weekend, I’m sharing it with you!

• First you’ll need a container. Ideally one that has a bulbous bottom and a narrow top (aka a beaker) but use what you’ve got. Make sure it’s nice and dry!

• Add in 1 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp citric acid, and 1 squeeze of dish soap.

• Just before you hand it to your kids add in a drop or two of food colouring. We had these Bath Dropz on hand and adding one to the mix was perfect for colour.

• Hand over that beaker and let your kids add water to it. The contents will fizz and foam and bubble and make for a really fun bath experiment.

And so long as you have more baking soda and citric acid you can keep topping your creation up!

Happy Bath Bomb Bubble Potion creating!

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