The Happy List

This is my third blog. Fourth actually! There was Birch & Bubbly with my girlfriend, Tuesdays Child where I wrote weekly updates on my daughter’s first year, and the one that started it all was Martha In Training.

This weekend I searched through my old posts to find a cornbread recipe I made once that was DELICIOUS. Instead, I stumbled upon a series I kept, documenting 100 Happy Days.

I know many people who keep gratitude journals or lists. In a year of isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty, finding things to add to our gratitude lists hasn’t always been easy. But it’s more important than ever.

So, although I never did find that cornbread recipe, I found some blogging inspiration.

Every Sunday I’ll recap the things that made me happy each week. I’d love to hear what made you happy too.

p.s. Send me your favourite cornbread recipes. Mine was too dry and did not make my happy list.

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