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Put your best foot forward with Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step insoles

As a nurse, an avid runner, and a mom of two active kids, I am constantly on my feet. I also run a foot care clinic at work so I know how important it is to care for your feet.

I partnered with Dr. Scholl’s to test out their Stylish Step products: Stylish Step Soft Cushioning Insoles for casual & fashion sneakers, Stylish Step Insoles for Everyday flats, and Stylish Step High Heels Invisible Cushioning Insoles.

The new Stylish Step products feature CushionFlex technology, and provide optimal arch support, fit, cushioning and comfort. For other products, check out the Dr. Scholl’s website and grab the right insole for you here.

As a nurse who runs a footcare clinic, I can tell you that having proper cushioning and support for your feet is more important than we realize. I’ve spent hours removing calluses from all parts of people’s feet. A callus is thickened skin that develops to protect the underlying skin when it’s repeatedly met with pressure. I teach people about the ways they can offload pressure on the areas that tend to callus and one of the main things I tell them is to cushion their feet. Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step insoles do exactly that, at a very reasonable price point.

Soaking and filing down calluses is a great way to treat them but prevention is key! Cushion those pressure points on your feet with Dr. Scholl’s insoles.

I stopped wearing heels once I hit my 30s but my 5 year old daughter is really in to fashion, so you better believe I toss my fancy shoes on to play dress up with her. Since heels aren’t really my thing, I was curious to see if Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heels Invisible Cushioning Insoles would make a difference. Are you ready for the unimaginable? THEY DID!

The insoles have arch support that helps take pressure off of the parts of your feet that usually feel it after a night in heels. And they’re totally invisible, so no one needs to know you aren’t just naturally that comfortable in heels.

I was really pleased with all three products and highly recommend them to anyone looking for some foot relief, and to anyone looking to prevent sore feet and callus build up. You can find Dr. Scholl’s in most stores, and for my friends in the US I’ve linked each Stylish Step insoles product so you can find them at Target.

Our feet carry us around all day, so let’s make sure we treat them right!

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