In the time of Covid

Hello again! I had great plans to keep this blog up to date but, as it has a way of doing, life hit us with a few curveballs and blogging fell by the wayside. And what a spectacular curveball Covid-19 has been!

If you didn’t know already I’m a Registered Nurse and I work primarily in an outpatient day health program (and pick up additional shifts every now and then on a palliative unit). When our numbers started climbing, our programming was suspended. I was redeployed to our inpatient unit and back to bedside shift-work nursing.

That was at the end of March. Last week I started back to my old job and started seeing clients in our outpatient unit again. I took a course on footcare so I provide basic footcare and let me tell ya, it’s a popular offering that our clients missed.

At home we spent a spring keeping to ourselves and exploring the hidden gems in our neighbourhood (we found some cool paths and creeks). I kept a pretty decent exercise regime to keep some normalcy in my schedule. I cultivated a starter and baked a lot of sourdough (I’ll share my favourite recipe in the next post!). I’m a homebody by nature but it didn’t take long for me to start to miss the last minute pizza dinners with friends, casual get togethers and milestone birthday parties. My dad turned 70 and I dropped his gift off on the front porch while I waved and sang loudly from the driveway.

But after months of waving and catching up with family and friends at the far ends of their lawns, of no hugs, of no play dates, we’ve started to do these things again. Those first hugs and visits were like the excited butterflies and swell in your heart you get when you come through the arrivals gate at the airport and seeing your loved ones waiting for you.

Sometimes it takes the absence of these things to realize how important they are.

As things slowly return to normal I hope I never take for granted the things I missed so terribly.

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