It’s All Worth It

We had a BBQ this past weekend and got to catch up with some of our fellow parent friends, as well as a couple who are expecting in October. One of my friends is a newly single mother and she has had to navigate a new world where she is the main caregiver. Another one had some complications after labour and just finished her physiotherapy exercises. For another one of my friends, the last month and a half have been pretty rough. Sleep regressions from a toddler and an infant simultaneously. Our little fella seems to be going through a bit of a sleep regression himself but our toddler has once again, after 7 months, started sleeping the night in her own bed.

The take away from our talks yesterday: Parenting is hard. Some days it’s really really hard.

As we were complaining about sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums, multiple night-time poops, I noticed my poor pregnant friend listening in silent horror. As well as my friends who are trying to get pregnant. I felt bad. My expectant friend mentioned the aches and pains of pregnancy and the trouble getting comfortable and doing things she used to do. But she spoke, too, about how she loved feeling her daughter kick and the sweetness in those reminders that they do everything together.

Pregnancy is magical and a gift – it doesn’t come easily or at all to some people.

It was a reminder that yes, parenting is hard but it’s so worth it.

Some nights bedtime is a disaster. My daughter fights sleep, whines for one more book, refuses to put on a pull-up. My son is another story. Some nights he goes down without a fuss, other nights he doesn’t seem to go down at all.

But that night, as we sat snuggled as a family of 4 on my daughter’s bed reading bedtime stories to her, I was reminded once again why it was worth it.

She abandoned the books, nestled in beside her brother and gave him kiss after kiss on his face. He happily accepted each one with giant smiles and giggles. The way he looks at her and watches what she does is so wonderful. Those moments where your heart feels so full of love it might burst? Definitely one of those.

As much as they may drive me crazy some days, those sweet moments stick with me longer.

Parenting is hard, but it’s so worth it.

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